While counseling often asks, “What’s wrong,” coaching asks, “What could be better?”  Through our coaching packages, Celeste will walk alongside you and help you gain maximum momentum your goals.

Coaching is often defined by the 10x Rule:  Working with a coach generally helps clients achieve their goals 10x faster or 10x easier – or both.

Counseling Services

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Private Coaching Sessions Can Help You:

  • Evaluate your personal schedule and maximize your time
  • Make clear decisions and execute plans of action
  • Organize your work, housework, chores, and child care responsibilities more effectively
  • Find ways to recharge your batteries and enjoying your own projects
  • Eliminate the stress of feeling that no one quite understands what you’re going through


Package Price: $130 per session. Sessions offered in person or online.

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The Self-Help Coaching Package

We understand that not everyone is ready to commit to extensive services. If you prefer to work at your own pace, Celeste will happily assist you in the creation of a self-help plan.

With our Self-Help Package you’ll receive:

  • An email consultation with Celeste to list your concerns and problem areas
  • A personal self-help plan including a list of books, web resources, and other materials Celeste recommends to assist you in improving your current situation

Package Price: $97

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