Anxiety Advice from Coach Lesley Yadon

It’s been such an honor to bring to you this series of Anxiety Tips from Self-Care Pros. Read below for some expert tips from Lesley Yadon.
— Celeste

When you feel yourself getting triggered take a 10 minute walk outside if possible. Think about what you need to feel in this situation and pick one word to describe this. Then pick one word for who you want to be in this situation.  As you walk, when you breath in say to yourself & picture the first word & as you breath out say to yourself and imagine the second word. For example: I want to feel serenity and I want to be generous, so when I breath in I will picture what serenity feels like and when I breath out, I will picture being generous. Put out your anxiety fire with laughter: Go to You Tube and look up videos on puppies, kittens and babies. Watch them and laugh your butt off. Then pick your favorites and save the link to your phone so you can watch them where ever you are and when you feel triggered. The video below is one of my favorites. 

Treat your anxiety like a cantankerous but well meaning family member. When you feel your anxiety kick in say to it, "Well hello again, we just saw each other yesterday but okay you are here again. Don't be grumpy with me, I will let you have your say but then I have to get on with my day." Practice being kind but firm with your anxiety.

Lesley Yadon, MA, Life Coach

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