Get Back to Basics - from Amanda Sowadski

Amanda Sowadski shares with us some terrific insight on anxiety management and self-care as we continue this Self-Care Pros roundup.
— Celeste

As a former Corporate Director with a very stressful job there was a point I was suffering with anxiety. The best strategy I can give you is to "Be the Reed." Just as a reed gently bends with the water, you can survive difficult situations by stepping outside yourself and imagining yourself flexing and flowing. When you dissociate in this way you are able to see yourself detached from the situation directly which helps calm feelings of anxiousness.

The most important self-care tip if you have anxiety is to get back to the basics. Cut out sugar, caffeine and alcohol from your diet. Get more rest. These things seem simple but our bodies and minds need to be physically nourished in order to be up to the challenge of living in the world as a sensitive being.

If you have anxiety, the best thing you can do for your self-care is to talk about what's going on. Find a trusted friend or colleague who can be a sounding board so you can allow those difficult feelings to move through you. If you try to manage the anxiety yourself it creates even more pressure. This is a time to enlist support.

Amanda Sowadski, Founder of the Institute for Feminine Leadership

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