Coaching Vs. Counseling - We offer both!

Which is right for you:  counseling or coaching?

Most potential clients call upon me for help answering the question:  Is counseling really right for me?

The difference between counseling and coaching can be murky at times, and I hope to add some clarity here.  To draw this distinction, I use the analogy of swimming versus rowing a boat.

When a person is suffering from deep emotional wounds, her daily life can feel like a struggle to keep her head above water.  She’s paddling hard in deep water, barely able to swim.  She is mostly able to manage only one task:  survival.  Without some assistance, this swimmer could eventually be in serious danger.  She can best be served with counseling.

Counseling can help those who need healing from, among other things:

  • past trauma
  • serious relationship fractures
  • addictions
  • depression
  • anxiety disorders

Let’s contrast this with a woman rowing a boat in steady water.  She is safe and secure, though the task of rowing and staying on course can be tricky at times.  This client would benefit from life coaching.  She needs an expert to walk alongside her and offer guidance on the best way to move forward…to train her in the art of being a strong rower that can successfully reach the destination she dreams of most.  Rather than being in need of healing, she is in need of focused instruction and accountability.

Life coaching can benefit those who:

  • feel overwhelmed in the current season of life
  • experience frustration of not meeting goals or desires
  • want to move forward to a purposeful life of great intention


If you’re still unsure whether coaching or counseling would be the best fit for you, give me a call.  In hearing more about your specific situation and goals, I can help formulate a plan that will meet your needs.  You can reach me at or 256-206-2032.