How Can I Recognize Burnout?

Is your schedule filled to overflowing?  Do you find yourself lecturing others about the need for a balanced life, only to spend your next 15 minutes speeding through the drive-thru with a cell phone in one hand and your To Do list in the other?

That’s what I call my own special brand of crazy.  

If you’re feeling the strain of attending to business, family, social, civic and religious activities, you could be experiencing burnout.  And if you’re a caregiver (for a child, a disabled loved one, a sick spouse, an elderly parent), you are even more susceptible to burnout.  Even those who care for others in their jobs (nurses, social workers) need to recognize that the overwhelmed feelings can soon lead to loss of productivity and even loss of personal health.

I found a great article online with easy-to-read information that will help caregivers recognize symptoms of burnout:

Burnout really is different from just general stress.  

It’s important to know the signs so that you can avoid the very real risks.  If someone you know is facing burnout, I hope you’ll join my health and wellness newsletter for tips on living better every day.