30 Minutes to a More Organized Life

When my daughter began walking really well, I quickly noticed that my neat and organized life was going to change.  

Suddenly every waking moment (and lots of moments when we all should have been sleeping!), I was consumed with the constant chores that come with motherhood.  How would I ever be able to work full-time, care for my child, clean the house, and even think about having a minute to myself again?

The idea of a time study isn’t a new one, but I found it to be most helpful when explained by Crystal Paine in “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.”  Crystal explains a surefire method for evaluating where you’re losing hours during the day:  set your cell phone timer to ring every 30 minutes for a whole day, taking a second to briefly note what you did with your time during each 30 minute increment.

For example, I might wake at 6:00am and then set my timer to ring in 30 minutes.  At 6:30, I’d take a second to jot down what I had done with my time:  wake up, wash my face, check Facebook, make the coffee, etc.  Then I’d reset the timer to ring in another 30 minutes.

You won’t believe how eye-opening this exercise is.

When I completed my time study, I found that I got so much more done than I was giving myself credit for.  But unfortunately I also found pockets of time where I’d wasted my minutes foolishly.  (What?!  30 minutes ago I was on Pinterest looking for a recipe and now I’m checking out 30 Hilarious Celebrity Wardrobe Fails?!)

Want our free time study worksheet and Priorities Mini-Course?  Have at it!