9 Things to Love about Holl and Lane Women's Magazine

I was sincerely honored to receive a free issue of Holl and Lane Women's Magazine recently in exchange for a review, especially since this terrific publication seeks to shed light on so many women's health issues, including anxiety and mental health.  (I've not been provided any compensation for this review, just so you know.)

Let's dive right in to what I loved about Holl and Lane:

1.  A good backstory.  Initially I wondered about the name "Holl and Lane," and enjoyed reading that Editor Sarah Hartley created the name as a play on the cross streets where she grew up.  "Think of Holl and Lane as one big slumber party with your closest friends," she writes.  I love that image.

2.  Simplistic, beautiful styling.  In reviewing issue #11, I was taken by the beautifully rustic photography.  The cover image was particularly appealing to me, inspiring me to jump right into the issue.

3.  The Holl and Lane Girl.  This part of each issue profiles a reader who embodies the essence of Holl and Lane:  "Creative, smart and capable, she is strong and uses her passions to help others. She enjoys being a part of something bigger than herself. She is innovative and professional but knows how to have a good time. The H&L Girl is modern, genuine and brave."  Wow!  Who wouldn't want to be counted among those ladies, right?

4.  Recipe photos.  Beautifully photographed food images graced the issue I received, and left me really licking my chops!  Sadly, I'm not much of a chef... the recipes looked a bit intimidating to me because of the number of ingredients or the cook times.  Readers who are more adept at culinary arts will likely enjoy these more than I would.

5.  Realistic portrayal of relationships.  I was impressed to see both a lighthearted article and a more serious one about relationships.  In "Redesign Your Relationship," Mallory Jordan pens a list of ways couples can more easily combine their lives into one home from a design perspective.  A second article, "Til Death Do We Part" offered more serious insights into the hard work of marriage relationships.  The article was a bit long for my personal tastes (I have a bit of a short attention span with magazines), but I loved that realistic advice was openly given, such as the use of marriage counseling.

6.  Diversity.  As the parent of a multiracial child, I was really excited to see photographs of men and women from diverse backgrounds.  There was even a beautiful shot of an interracial couple that really warmed my heart.

7.  A look inside emotional health.  "Finding Peace in the Broken Pieces" by Sami Ross, was a brief narrative that I found to be comfortingly familiar.  In the piece, Sami talks about the internal dialog she uses to try to calm anxiety after discovering that her boyfriend was following another woman on Instagram.  In a recent interview on the Boss Mom podcast, I spoke about the ways anxiety can cause us to overthink ourselves into a mess.  I found that this article illustrated that point well.

8.  Tackling the tough issues.  Ali Gray's stirring article "Re-learning to Love" struck a chord with me, as a therapist.  I've worked with so many competent, confident, wonderful women who find themselves mired in abusive relationships.  Ali shares how those relationships start, and how the cycle perpetuates itself until the victim often feels she's the one with the problem.  Likewise, "The Struggle to Live" by Trinity Murray doesn't shy away from the pain of eating disorders.  Holl and Lane handles these serious life crises well, leaving the reader feeling hopeful rather than disconcerted.  

9.  Inspiration.  Though this issue tackles a number of weighty subjects, overall the vibe of Holl and Lane is one of renewal, rebirth, and new inspiration.  I love that articles were written with the slant of continued self-improvement and self-care.

Overall, Holl and Lane is a lovely magazine that I'd recommend you check out, particularly if you find yourself in a season of transition or difficulty.  I think you'll be inspired and delighted!