Expert Help for Anxiety

Does a dentist fill his own cavities?

Does a surgeon remove his own appendix?

Sometimes you need to reach out for an expert, right?  When it comes to anxiety relief and stress management, you can definitely do a Google search for something like, "How to stop a panic attack fast."  

expert help for anxiety relief

Yes, you'll get some answers.  Yes, you may find some of it helpful.  Should you always trust everything you read on the Internet or see pinned on Pinterest or demonstrated in YouTube?  I think not.  

In this video I share a bit about why.

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If you're wondering what anxiety actually is or whether you may have it, you can check out some of our other articles where I explain the symptoms that often are missed.

Anxiety management techniques taught in therapy can vary from therapist to therapist, obviously, but you're most likely to learn things like deep breathing relaxation techniques.  My own therapist recommends these all the time, and it really helps.


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expert help for anxiety