What are the subconscious triggers for your anxiety?

If you can identify the trigger that sets off anxiety, you're half way to stopping panic attacks in their tracks.  In this video I explain the psychology behind training your brain to actually trigger panic.

Pavlov was a scientist who found that when he fed his dogs, they drooled in anticipation of the meal they expected.  Furthermore, Pavlov noticed that even as he entered the kennel to feed his dogs, they would begin to drool.  After a bit of investigation, Pavlov realized that the bell attached to the kennel door became a trigger for his dogs to salivate... the physiology of their bodies (saliva) was actually caused by something that only REMINDED them of food... not actual food itself.

Your anxiety and stress reactions might be caused by some kind of subconscious pairing in your life.  Does a certain text tone set off shortness of breath because you associate it with work?  Does drinking coffee cause your heart rate to increase and thus set off the fear of having a panic attack?  

We also discuss desensitization in this video:  how to train yourself not to respond to panic-inducing stimuli.  For example, if a certain text alert causes your heart to race, try learning relaxation strategies (like the ones mentioned on this channel!).  As you practice these relaxation techniques, play the text alert continuously... pretty soon you'll have your body trained to respond to that same sound with relaxation instead of nervous energy.

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