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I’m Celeste Coffman,

and I help people who are frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed make changes to their behavior so that they reach higher levels of success in work and personal relationships.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Thoughtful Journey Counseling.

Since 2005, I’ve worked counseling adults and children, mainly focusing my practice on:
-  Working with teens who have serious behavior problems
-  Helping women who feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or depression

I decided to open Thoughtful Journey Counseling after becoming a mom and seeing firsthand how overwhelming it can be to balance work, motherhood and personal growth.

I wanted a supportive listener to guide me, but going to a sterile clinic for psychological treatment didn’t seem like the right choice for me.

So, I spent some serious time in the study of life management and self improvement.  I scoured books, websites, magazines, psychology texts, medical journals, and more.  I took more grad classes in counseling and worked with colleagues to hone my skills.

Thoughtful Journey Counseling was born out of that intensive study.

What others have to say:

Celeste is an energetic, enthusiastic counselor. She maintains ethical behavior and balance at all times. I enjoy our supervision sessions a great deal and support her as an independent counselor.
— Alicia Kelly, LPC
Celeste is a supervisor’s dream: enthusiastic, bright, energetic, and dedicated to getting the job done well. She has a level of focus and attention to detail that’s uncanny, and a unique ability to connect with others and win their trust and respect. I always enjoyed the humor and zest she brought to her work, and the spark she injected into the staff as a whole. She was a great influence upon her fellow team members and always modeled good decision-making, fairness, and judgment.
— Corrie Harris, PhD - University of Alabama

Degrees and Certifications


In case you’re interested, my degrees and certifications are as follows:
- Master of Arts in Community Counseling from the University of North Alabama
- P-12 School Counseling Certificate
- Additional graduate counseling credits from Mississippi State University & Liberty University
- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Samford University


I am currently on maternity leave and will return to the office for current clients on May 20, 2019. I will not be accepting new clients until August 15, 2019. Thank you for your patience!

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You may contact me directly with questions, but please note that online communications are not 100% confidential.  They could theoretically be accessed by hackers or third parties.  Please be mindful when sharing your personal/medical information.

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