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Whether you need direction in a relationship, a job, or a stressful time, I can walk alongside you with support to get you back on track.

Don’t let the wrong path spiral you into something more serious:
loss of a job
emotional breakdown
serious depression

At Thoughtful Journey we’re committed to giving you high-quality services in a comfortable atmosphere.

Our clients don’t always necessarily need medical interventions, but they need someone to help them hit the “reset” button for a more successful life.

If you need help getting back to a joyful life of peace and inspiration, we can help.



I’m Celeste Coffman, and I help people who are frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed make changes to their behavior so that they reach higher levels of success in work and personal relationships.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Thoughtful Journey Counseling.

  • Since 2005, I’ve worked counseling adults and children, mainly focusing my practice on:

    Working with teens who have serious behavior problems

  • Working with women who feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or depression

I decided to open Thoughtful Journey Counseling after becoming a mom and seeing firsthand how overwhelming it can be to balance work, motherhood and personal growth.

I wanted a supportive listener to guide me, but going to a sterile clinic for psychological treatment didn’t seem like the right choice for me.

So, I spent some serious time in the study of life management and self improvement.  I scoured books, websites, magazines, psychology texts, medical journals, and more.  I took more grad classes in counseling and worked with colleagues to hone my skills.

Thoughtful Journey Counseling was born out of that intensive study.

This is what others have had to say:


“Celeste, you are such a clever and insightful person. ”

“You are SO good at what you do!”

“I am so glad that people get to be counseled by you.”

“I have learned so much from you!”

“Thank you for sharing just some of your wealth of information.  You’ve taught me a lot in this short time!”

In case you’re interested, my degrees and certifications are as follows:

  • Master of Arts in Community Counseling from the University of North Alabama
  • P-12 School Counseling Certificate
  • Additional graduate counseling credits from Mississippi State University & Liberty University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Samford University

Why would you visit Thoughtful Journey Counseling?

For starters, you’ll notice a difference the moment you walk through our door. Instead of a doctor’s office feel, you’ll find my office to be warm and inviting. We offer bottled water for your comfort, and since Subway is located right next door, many of my clients grab lunch or breakfast on their way to see me.

Yes, I’ve got the training to work with really serious mental illness, but Thoughtful Journey is a practice that’s designed more for people who are functioning well in life and just need some guidance from a compassionate, nurturing helper.

Maybe you need help making a decision, or you just need to talk out a problem, or you want help caring for yourself in times of grief, divorce, stress, fear, anxiety, or depression. I’m an expert on human behavior and emotions, but you’re the expert on you. Let’s work together!

My practice is for people who want to make a change in their life circumstances. They want self-improvement. They want to get unstuck.

Don’t wait to call for an appointment. Your new & improved life awaits!

[email protected]


My areas of expertise include:

  • Stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed, especially in women
  • Depression, “The Blues,” or general dissatisfaction with life
  • Help with life planning, including making a decision or coping with a difficult life change (like loss, divorce, an extramarital affair, starting school, or changing jobs)

Individual Counseling

Sometimes your feelings, fears and insecurities get in the way of seeing things clearly. With guidance from a professional therapist, you can sort out your thoughts and make informed decisions. The counseling office is a place to breathe, relax, and speak your mind without judgement. You can take control of your life back from whatever is hindering your forward progress. Rates begin at $100 per session.

Couples Therapy

Couples clients are accepted on a very limited basis so that the best quality care is provided. Please call to inquire whether couples therapy slots are available.
Rates begin at $175 per session.

Premarital Counseling Package

When you purchase a Thoughtful Journey Premarital Counseling Package ($497), you’ll receive:

  • 5 visits with a trained therapist scheduled at your convenience during the months prior to your wedding or within your first year of marriage
  • Personal recommendations on books to read or resources to enrich your marriage
  • Tools to assist you in working out conflicts that may arise over the course of your marriage, even if you are not experiencing any conflict right now


Highly Entertaining, Insightful, Useful Presentations & Workshops For Your Group

  • Boost Your Mood in 10 Minutes a Day
  • Productivity for Moms & Wives
  • Depression Signs and Treatment
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Career Exploration and Job Search Skills
  • Q&A for Parents of Teens

Presentations are 45 minutes in length and include hard copy handouts, electronic presentations or both. During sessions, Celeste will also answer questions for audience members. Session length can be adjusted to meet your group’s needs. Rates begin at $175.


Getting Started

Rates & Insurance

Individual Counseling

45-55 minute sessions:  Rates begin at $100.

Marriage & Family Counseling

60-minute family or couples counseling sessions:  Rates begin at $175 per session. Couples counseling is offered on a very limited basis. Please call 256-206-2032 to find out if slots are available.

Appointment Deposit

A $50 deposit is required to hold your appointment slot when booking online. This deposit will then be applied to the cost of your first appointment. Should you opt to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, your deposit will not be refunded.

Make a Payment



Thoughtful Journey Counseling accepts Blue Cross Choice insurances through MHCA.  You may call your insurance provider to find out if services are covered, or we can check some eligibility for you.
If your health insurance company offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you may be eligible for reimbursement of counseling fees. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to be sure.  Read about FSA through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama here.  To download a Blue Cross Flexible Spending reimbursement Form.

Are there any benefits to not filing counseling visits on your insurance?  While using available insurance funds is both convenient and cost-effective, some clients feel more comfortable keeping counseling visits off their insurance records. This is particularly important to those who feel their employers or future employers might not be supportive of mental health visits.

Only you can decide whether paying out-of-pocket for counseling is right for you. Regardless, if you are experiencing a time of difficulty, I encourage you to get help from a supportive source.


Cash, check and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express) are accepted for payment.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified us before 5pm the day before your appointment, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your privacy is important to me and is protected by Federal and State Laws as well as Professional Ethics. The matter of privacy and ethics is also the corner stone and foundation of trust in our relationship. However, there are some legal exceptions to confidentiality; where I would be bound by law and ethics to take steps to protect you or another individual.

These exceptions include:

1) Where there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse/neglect or elder adult abuse/neglect
2) Where there is a reasonable suspicion that you may present a danger of violence to others
3) Where there is a reasonable suspicion that you are likely to harm yourself unless protective measures are taken
4) Where I am served a subpoena to testify about your case
5) Where there is a need for me to report to a third party (such as an insurance company) in order to receive payment

Please feel free to ask any questions about your right to privacy and confidentiality.

Additionally, anything you transmit over my website is highly secure, and stored data is HIPAA compliant.

Intake Forms

Please fill out the New Client Intake Form and the Confidentiality Form and bring to your first session.

New Client Intake & Cancellation Policy Form

Confidentiality Form

If you would like me to coordinate care with another professional (e.g., your psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc.), please complete the applicable release of information form below:

Consent to Release Information Form

Make An Appointment

A $50 deposit is required to hold your appointment slot when booking online. This deposit will then be applied to the cost of your first appointment. Should you opt to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, your deposit will not be refunded.
Due to the research and paperwork required prior to your visit, same day appointments are not accepted.
If you have an emergency, please do not leave an appointment request but instead call the 24-hour crisis hotline for ECM hospital: 256-768-9128.

Thoughtful Journey Counseling

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