Do you find yourself lying awake at 3am? Do you overthink things? Suffer from tense shoulders or teeth-grinding? You might be experiencing anxiety. Celeste has devoted more time and energy to the study of anxiety than any other concern, making her an expert in the field. Don't live your life constantly worrying about the "what ifs"! Make an appointment with Celeste to learn how to manage your stress effectively.


Decision Support

"I just don't know what to do!" We all want to make right choices, and often we're too close to the situation to know what's best. If you've found that consulting your friends and family only leaves you frustrated and confused, Celeste can be the objective listener you need. Talking out the options with a trained professional helps you sort out your feelings and gain the clarity you need.


School Anxiety

If your child or teen suffers from unexplained sickness, school anxiety could be to blame. Celeste offers quick, practical strategies for getting families back on track in school after an extended absence or a particularly challenging event.  


Major Life Change

Has something turned your life upside down? Both joyful and difficult changes cause incredible stress. Whether you're starting new job, welcoming a new baby, weathering a divorce, or facing bad news... Celeste can help you walk through this season of life.


Parenting Support

Are you surprised and worried by your child or teen's behavior? Parenting is the most challenging job you'll ever have, and it pays to have an expert in human growth and development guiding you through the process. Celeste is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified School Counselor who can help you navigate parenting's muddy waters. She can help you learn the routines and strategies to encourage your children's success.



Most people don't actually realize that they're depressed. Some signs include sleeping too much or too little, low energy, change in weight or appetite, feeling sad most days, hopelessness, low self-esteem, or thinking about death and dying. You might be thinking, "I just wish I could go to sleep and forget about all of this." Depression could be to blame, but there are strategies to help you overcome this challenge. If you've tried antidepressants with little result, or if you don't feel comfortable taking a daily pill, Celeste can teach you strategies for overcoming the heaviness that's weighing you down.


If you need help with a concern not listed here, contact Celeste to find out what she can do to support you with an appointment or a referral to another provider.